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Confectionery Packaging Made Easy



Confectionery Packaging Made Easy

07 Mar 2019

If you are in the sweet business, then we understand just how competitive this ever-moving market is, having been supplying confectionary food packaging to local, national and international manufacturers for many years now.  


Creating a memorable unboxing experience  


Due to the competitive nature of the modern confectionary market, consumers want to spend their money with chocolate and sweet companies that offer them something unique. In the Instagram-obsessed world we live in, manufacturers have never been under so much pressure to offer aesthetically pleasing goods. This is why creating a memorable unboxing experience is a must, one that both the customer remembers and their loyal band of Instagram followers when they inevitably share an image/video online.  


Branded confectionary packaging  


Here at Harlequin we understand that no two brands are the same, with the unique quality of your confectionary product needing to be enhanced through its packaging. This is why we highly recommend opting for branded packaging; packaging that markets your business all over. Whether that be branded stickers for the boxes, branded tissues paper around the item or thinking of new, imaginative ways to catch the eye of your target market, we work hard to transfer your brand’s personality and ethos onto packaging.  


Sustainable confectionary packaging  


The majority of confectionary companies are now exploring ways in which they can make their packaging more environmentally-friendly, moving away from plastic and towards more sustainable, recyclable materials. This is something we arepassionate about, being Wales’ first port of call bythose seeking sustainable packaging solutions.  


Request a quote for packaging services  


If you wish to talk through the many options available to you and your product, we would be more than happy to assist. Contact a member of our sales team today and let’s discuss ways in which you can grab the attention of customers and retailers with your packaging.   











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